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I never thought I’d wear…

I have heard this phrase so many times throughout my 20 years as a bridal wear designer. Very often brides ‘know’ what will suit them before they’ve even tried on their first dress and, although they are most likely right, what they don’t consider is ‘the feeling’. Putting on a big gown often makes a girl ‘feel like a princess’ and, once felt, they don’t want to feel any other way on their big day – suddenly something that ‘suits’ them just won’t do. Also there are girls who think they would never look good in a mermaid silhouette and would prefer to ‘hide’ their figure but it’s worth remembering that bridal gowns are completely different from your regular clothes! They have special construction inside that accentuates the best of the female form. So the bride who doesn’t normally show off her figure can feel confident and sexy in a slim silhouette on her big day.

All I ask of brides is to begin with an open mind. Don’t be afraid to try on every gown shape, from the simple and understated to the most extravagant. Then you can begin to eliminate shapes that don’t work for you. Not only will it be fun, but you may surprise yourself – and who doesn’t love to do that!