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Ian Stuart Flagship Store
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The Ian Stuart Blewcoat Store Opens

You will be captured by the elegance and style of this Grade 1 listed building gently nestling between the high rise buildings of London’s Victoria.

An incredible destination shopping experience for anyone looking for a unique luxury gown. Ian Stuart showcases his evening wear, special occasion wear and up-scale bridal wear.

The Blewcoat was built in 1709 as a school for the poor. It was used as a school until 1926. In 1954, it was purchased by the National Trust who used it as a gift shop and information centre. As of 2013, the site was renovated by Ian Stuart and finally opened in June 2014.

Ian Stuart- Blewcoat
Buckingham Gate /Caxton Street,
London, SW1H 0PY
Tel: 020 7222 2877